Google Search Trend and Stock Price Change Tracker#

This project uses the pytrends and APIs to query changes in Google search trends for a given keyword and corresonding changes in the closing price a selected public stock.

What’s Inside#

    ├──                 <- The top-level README to get started using this project.
    ├── docs                      <- Documentation create with Jupyter Book
        ├── _config.yml           <- Jupyter Book configuration
    │   └── _toc.yml              <- Jupyter Book table of contents
    ├── notebooks                 <- Jupyter notebooks
        └── pytrend_viz.ipynb     <- Jupyter notebook example
    ├── Makefile                  <- Makefile with commands like `make docs` or `make data`
    ├── requirements.txt          <- Python requirements
    ├── CODE_OF_CONDUCT           <- The top-level CODE_OF_CONDUCT
    ├── CONTRIBUTING              <- The top-level CONTRIBUTING
    └── LICENSE                   <- The project license


The project is licensed under Apache 2.0.