Resources to Support Monitoring of Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Socio-Economic Impacts#


On February 6, 2023, a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake and a series of strong tremors and aftershocks wrought substantial damages across southeastern Türkiye and northwest Syria. As of time of writing, the death toll has passed 40,000 and the earthquake’s aftermath is substantially impacting the people, infrastructure, and economies of the two countries. Effective World Bank and donor interventions will require a deep, data-driven understanding of these impacts.

The Türkiye Country Management Unit has requested advisory on data and analytical resources that may support measurement and monitoring of socio-economic impacts, including population displacement and business impacts.

WB Data Lab recommendations are presented in three sections:

  • Data Collection and Acquisition. Identified data resources that could support the earthquake socio-economic impact analysis.

  • Data Management. Recommendations for managing derived project datasets.

  • Data Analytics and Insight Dissemination. A menu of proposals for analytical work that could be coordinated through the Lab.


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